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Who is G4 GUITAR?

G4 GUITAR was established in 2005 in Sydney, Australia by myself (David Hart). By then I already had extensive experience teaching guitar and operating music schools but I had also experienced many frustrating failures. In those early years I taught with no curriculum and was pretty much just winging it the whole time. I would literally make up the lessons from one week to the next. It was only after about 10 years of improvised teaching that I'd finally had enough. My teaching lacked structure and my students were paying the price. I was a good motivator but my lessons were all over the place. I knew it was time to get serious and develop a system/method of teaching guitar.

David Hart 2023

The inspiration for a guitar method

When I first began developing a guitar teaching method I was initially inspired by the Suzuki Violin Method. I was lucky enough to know a Suzuki violin teacher who recommended students to me to learn guitar. I was amazed at how quickly they picked up guitar. They would literally learn in half the time. What was their secret? This sent me on a journey of discovery of everything and anything associated with teaching music. I became obsessed about the best ways to teach, learn and systemise. The common denominator I found was well designed teaching methods. It seemed most instruments such as violin, piano and even drums had good methods. Electric guitar was definitely in need of a good method so I made it my mission to develop one.  


The G4 GUITAR METHOD is the result of more than 30 years of research and development. The teachers who use G4 literally save 100's of hours of lesson planning which allows them to focus on the actual teaching. Most guitar teachers spend countless hours preparing lessons and rarely if ever create an organised method. A well structured method is like a well made guitar. It just makes everything easier and better but most importantly it gives students a big advantage. They get clear direction with defined goals. Another huge plus is the ability to track student progress. Studies show that a sense of progress from tracking is a major factor in student motivation, long term commitment and therefore ultimate success.

Global Network

G4 GUITAR teachers are now located in 5 countries including Australia, Canada, France, UK, US, and growing. The Internet has allowed us to become a truly global community. This means our reputation is spreading. This also sparks insights and new ideas that help our members improve their teaching and businesses. It also creates a sense of community. Connecting with people who can relate to the same challenges you face as a guitar teacher/entrepreneur helps to bring clarity and reassurance. It also helps to be teaching the same syllabus because we can share challenges and strategies.   

Work less & Earn More

Our business plan is simple. We want our teachers to be earning a solid reliable income. We estimate this to be $100,000 per year while teaching less than 20 hours a week but this may vary depending on what you are looking for. We understand that you are a musician first and foremost. You should be committed to your students of course but you also want time to practice and pursue your own musical interests. Teaching is great but it shouldn't be the reason you play guitar. $100,000 per year teaching 20 hours a week or less is achievable and will give you the balance you are probably looking for. By following our tested and proven business plan you'll be able to deliver first class guitar lessons without compromising on your own guitar playing.

Teacher testimonials

Joakim Nikolaidis

Paddington, NSW, Australia

"I really appreciate all the advice and encouragement you have given me over the past few months. This has been the best week so far and I made $900 this week which is amazing. People keep calling and book lessons and the challenge now is to stay focused to manage all the students that I have."

Shane Allessio

Brookline, MA, United states

“Last night I booked in my 70th student. That's 18 students I've booked in the last 5 days!” 

Mike Varden

ENNIS, Ireland

"I was so impressed with the method I signed up almost immediately.The result - My income has increased by 33% approx. WITHOUT taking on any additional students, The teaching now at my school is all about David Hart’s (G4 Guitar ) method.

Membership Costs

G4 GUITAR Membership starts from $250 per month and includes the following benefits;

  • G4 GUITAR METHOD license – The right to print and use the method with your students.
  •  G4 Guitar branding - Permission to use the G4 GUITAR name when advertising your business. Conditions apply.
  • Teaching resources - Access to our comprehensive online guitar teacher resources. 
  • Business Training - We share with you our time tested business plan, marketing plan and the general business advice to help you reach your income goals.
  • Support - You can ask questions anytime via email or in our ‘Member Only’ group on Facebook. We are here to support you in whatever way you need to ensure your success.
  • And More - There are many additional resources and benefits for members you'll discover on the inside.


Application process

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