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A complete method & business plan for guitar teachers



The G4 GUITAR METHOD can help you save 100's of hours of lesson planning to free you up to focus your attention on teaching & business. Most guitar teachers spend countless hours preparing lessons and rarely if ever create an organised method. A well structured method gives you and your students a big advantage by creating consistency and clear direction. Another huge plus is the ability to track student progress. Studies show that a sense of progress from tracking progress is a major factor in student motivation, long term commitment and therefore ultimate success.

Our Global Community

G4 GUITAR teachers are now located in 5 countries including Australia, Canada, Ireland, UK, US, and growing. The Internet has allowed us to become truly global community. This allows us to tap into the experience of teachers in different places. This sparks insights and new ideas that help our members improve their teaching and businesses. It also creates a sense of community. Connecting with people who can relate to the same challenges you face as a guitar teacher/entreprenuer helps to bring clarity. It also helps to be teaching the same syllabus.   


Work less & Earn More

Our business plan is simple. We want you to be earning $100,000 per year teaching less than 20 hours a week. We understand that you are a musician first and foremost. You are likely a passionate teacher but you also want time to practice and pursue your own musical interests. Teaching is great but it should only take up a portion of your week. $100,000 per year teaching 20 hours a week or less is not only achievable but should be your goal. By following our tested and proven business plan you'll be able to deliver first class guitar lessons without compromising on your own musical dreams.


What they say


United States

"David Hart has dedicated his life to guitar teaching, and has a wealth of practical knowledge to share. Support this guy, and you'll be supporting thousands of aspiring guitar teachers who will benefit from David's wealth of knowledge. Do yourselves a favour, and study David's book, and avoid the trial and error of figuring it all out for yourself."

Joakim Nikolaidis

Paddington NSW Australia

"I really appreciate all the advice and encouragement you have given me over the past few months. This has been the best week so far and I made $900 this week which is amazing. People keep calling and book lessons and the challenge now is to stay focused to manage all the students that I have."

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