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What is the G4 SMA?

The G4 GUITAR Student Management Application is a data management solution for guitar teachers. It includes a versatile timetable, contacts linked to the timetable, marketing, emails, printouts, todo list, student progress data, profit & loss and more.

How do I access?

To gain access you simply need to join one of our programs. Learn more at G4 GUITAR Options.

Must Watch Videos!

Follow this link to view the Complete YouTube Playlist.






  1. Show full timetable except hidden times.
  2. Show due dates.
  3. Show hidden times.
  4. Delete the current class information. *Cannot be undone.
  5. Go to print view for current view.


  1. Show Intros only.
  2. Show Groups only.
  3. Show Casual lessons.
  4. Show Calendar lessons.
  5. Show Special lessons.

To Do List

Here are my interpretations for the ‘Priority’ choices

A. Urgent. Clear these items asap.

B. Today. Complete by the end of today.

C. Week. Review all by end of the week.

D. Month. Not urgent Review end of every month.

E. Ideas. Not important but review once a month and either move up the list or delete.

Practice Time Form Using Google Docs

Here is how you setup a Google form for practice times and import