Business and Teacher Coaching

Develop the skills needed to succeed as a guitar coach and entrepreneur

Have you paid for a coaching session?

If you have paid for a coaching session we will be contacting you shortly. If you want to contact David email him at [email protected].

Coaching is an investment not an expense

The single biggest obstacle for almost anyone is a lack of professional coaching. As entrepreneurs and teachers its easy to forget that we can also benefit greatly from the experience of others. In fact, not receiving any kind of training puts us at a distinct disadvantage. Imagine a professional sports team not having a coach. It wouldn't happen because they know the team understands the importance of a coach. I have found that guitar teachers who generally perform the best are those who have some kind of previous training. In other words they are confident in the skills required to build and maintain a successful business and deliver effective lessons. This led me to the realisation that I need a more comprehensive solution for serious guitar teachers who are either missing opportunities via lost sales or losing students from dropouts.

What's involved?

My goal is for all G4 Guitar teachers is to be fully booked (100 students) with a waiting list. To do this I have gone back to what worked when I ran the G4 Guitar Schools in Sydney and that was a weekly training session with the G4 teachers. I literally walk G4 teachers through the whole business plan step by step to ensure they correctly handled each situation from inquiry to group teaching. This involves a combination of presentations, demonstrations, role-plays and questions. These sessions need to be one on one with each teacher because I want to make sure the teacher fully understands.

How does the training cost?

The program is a minimum of 12 weeks (3 months) and 90 minutes per week. The cost is $880 per month (4 weeks). If you are interested you do need to book early as I do have waiting list. I understand this might seem like an expense but should be seen as an investment because each missed enrollment is costing an average of $2000 in lost revenue. Count up the number of students already lost either through a missed sales call or an unnecessary dropout and you'll get a sense of how many thousands of dollars have been lost. Confidence comes from competence so the more I work with a teacher the more confident they become and the more successful they will be.

Bookings essential

In most cases you will need to book a few months in advance. To make a booking please email to find out the next available time.