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In the above video I explain the BEST way I have found to get more students. 

Save Yourself Time, Money & Stress

No Experience Necessary

Any marketing platform requires many hours of experience to learn. With Done For You experience is not required. You simply wait for the leads to arrive in your inbox.

Saves You TIME!

If You are no doubt very busy. Spending time learning, creating, monitoring and editing your ad campaigns is hugely time consuming. That is time you could be spending teaching.

Saves You Money

Learning any marketing platform is not just time consuming but it's usually costly. You need to experiement to find what works and every ad campaign that doesn't work is expensive. It's just not worth it.

Who needs the Stress!

You have better things. Worrying about your marketing is only going to be a distraction for you. Your time and attention is better spent enrolling new students and getting paid to teach. You just don't need the stress.

How much do you value your time?

If you teach guitar my guess is you value your time at $50 per hour or more. This means that when you are doing your own marketing it's costing you. Even just a few hours a week might be costing you $100 or more in time you could be teaching. STOP THROWING AWAY MONEY!

You could be earning more per hour!

It's not just about getting more students. It's also about INCREASING DEMAND for your teaching. With increased demand comes the ability to increase your prices. Let's say you want to earn $1000 per week and charge $50 per hour. You would  have to teach for 20 hours (40 students) to receive $1000. If demand for your lessons is high you could instead be charging $100 per hour and working half the hours. 

It's about creating more demand than supply to allow you to charge more per hour. Note: Your prices should reflect the value of your lessons.  It's not just about improving your marketing. You MUST deliver HIGH VALUE lessons! 

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