G4 GUITAR Franchisee - Getting Started

Thank you again for joining the G4 GUITAR Franchise Program

Your G4 GUITAR Website

I will be registering a website domain for your area but just to be sure could you email the following details?

1. Location address. If you prefer not to include your address on the website please note in your reply email.

2. Business phone number. This can be any number you like but you should include a message on your answering service that says "Thank you for calling G4 Guitar (location). Sorry we couldn't be here to take your call but please leave your name and number and we will call you back very soon. Thank you again."

Member Website Registration

To registering as a franchisee on the Franchisee Website click the following link. G4 Franchisee Website Registration.


  • Teacher Training. Complete the Teacher Training. Follow this link to the Teaching Page and follow the instructions.
  • Marketing. Next, work your way through the Marketing Page and pay special attention to the Marketing Plan.
  • Sales: This is the next important step. Work through the Sales Page and make sure you listen to the Sales Audios which you will find in the Teacher Downloads in the Audio folder.
  • Audios: You can find the full range of audios in the Teacher Downloads in the Audio folder. I recommend downloading and listening to as many as possible.

Member Only Facebook Group

You can now join our member only group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/295071593900299/

Take your time studying each section carefully and reviewing several times. The training is designed to prepare you for success as a G4 GUITAR teacher and entrepreneur. It's not rocket science but will take a little time to absorb.

Member Support

If you have any questions at all please contact our Support. Your success is our success!