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 April 6, 2014

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Done For You Marketing Campaigns

G4 Done-For-You Facebook Marketing is designed to make your life easy. We have spent years testing Facebook ads and have narrowed down what works best. We also monitor the ads for performance and adjust if required. In addition we make every effort to stay on top of the latest changes to Facebook ads. We test the changes before applying to our client’s accounts.

Choose Your Facebook Budget 

Choose your preferred monthly budget by clicking the red button. 

Expect 3+ enquiries per month

Expect 6+ enquiries per month

Expect 10+ enquiries per month

The minimum is $300 per month due to Facebook minimum daily budget. The expected inquiries are just a guide as we do not make any guarantees in terms of number of inquiries. As with any marketing there is a certain amount of risk.

You will be charged the same amount each month and you can cancel anytime. There are no contracts. Your marketing campaign will run continuously until you cancel. 

20% Fees

Please note that we deduct 20% from the amount to cover costs such as tax, Paypal charges and admin. This means 80% of the amount you pay goes into the marketing budget.


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