There are 2 options for accessing the G4 GUITAR METHOD.

1. Download  a copies from the box widget on the right. Hover over the file, click on the 3 dots and select 'Download'. 

2. Go to  Student & Teacher Registration page, register and then login. Below is a video on how to navigate the student website https://g4guitarstudent.com/ once you have created your user login.

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How to teach the G4 GUITAR METHOD

3 basic steps;
  1. Teach students what and how to practice each exercise.
  2. Monitor student progress using the checklists.
  3. Keep students inspired, motivated and on track.

Senior Level 1 Video

Watch the video overview of the Senior Level 1 below.

Teacher Training Stages 1, 2 & 3.

Video 1 Review Quiz 
  1. Name the 7 skills of the G4 GUITAR METHOD.
  2. Write down two important points to remember during the 5 Week Intro.
  3. Name the 7 C's.
  4. Describe the purpose of the Student Checklist.
  5. Give an example of a student warning sign they are about to drop out.
  6. Describe the ultimate goal of every G4 GUITAR student.
  7. Write down your biggest challenge or fear about teaching. Feel free to email to David Hart.
Video 2 Review Quiz 
  1. Write down one common reason people fail at something.
  2. Describe why checking a student’s PL each week important.
  3. Give one good reason for using a checklist.
  4. Describe how game playing helps people to learn.
  5. Describe why teamwork important.
  6. Write down the purpose of note taking.
  7. Describe why active learning is part of being a great teacher.
Video 3 Review Quiz
  1. Write out what the 80/20 rule suggest.
  2. Define 'Objection Fear'.
  3. Name 2 common objection types.
  4. Write down how you should respond after receiving the money objection.
  5. Describe what I mean by 'second chance'.
  6. Write down what % of students you need to retain to be amongst the best in the world.
  7. Name 3 ways to reach the goal of 95% of your students practicing.

Specific Methodical and Consistent (SMaC) Recipe

A SMaC recipe defines clear actionable steps of what to do or not to do to achieve a consistent result. Conditions can change of course and the recipe may need to be adjusted but operating without a SMaC recipe usually results in inconsistencies. Jim Collins in his book 'Great by Choice' compared the top achieving companies in 10 different industries to an average performing companies and found the average performers changed their SMaC recipe 4 times more often than the top achievers. The G4 Guitar Method and Business Plan are examples of SMaC recipes.  When things are not going as planned check your SMaC recipe. Chances are you have strayed from the formula.

G4 Guitar SMaC Marketing/Sales Recipe

  1. Invest into online marketing using Google ads, Facebook ads and G4 Guitar flyers in your area over 6 months. Expect 20 to 100 students.
  2. Practice the sales script like you practice guitar. The aim is to improve.
  3. Invest your profits back into Facebook ads until you reach your goal.

G4 Guitar SMaC Teaching Recipe

  1. Begin students with a 5 week private introduction following the G4 Guitar Method which allows you to track student progress. .
  2. Ask student to fill in Practice Log and review at the beginning of every lesson. Focusing on student practice first improves their chances of seeing results and continuing lessons.
  3. Student should fill in Ultimate Song List so teacher can connect with student's goals.
  4. After introduction student should join a group as soon as possible.
  5. Your goal should be a maximum of 100 students with demand exceeding this number.
  6. Question every student dropout to better understand the reasons why.

Recommended Reading

The Importance Of Skills

“Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.” – Chinese proverb.

G4's mission is to provide students with the skills to play songs. A skill by itself is seen as meaningless. Relating a skill to a song makes it relevant. This doesn't mean teaching whole songs to beginners. Simply show examples of how it's applied to a song, preferably one they know. 

Follow each *link for a full description of each skill in terms of teaching.

Student Skills 

*Picking. *Chords. *Arpeggios. *Scales. *Rhythm. *Reading. *Aural. *Song.

Teaching Skills

*Group Teaching *Selling The ‘Skills First’ Approach *Questions

Recommended Text

*Modern Reading Text in 4/4 – Louis Bellson

*A Modern Method For Guitar Volume 1 – Berklee Series


*Student Progress Survey PDF. Survey your students to better understand how they feel.

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