3000 Students in 2 years 

 June 29, 2012

By  admin

If anyone had said to me prior to 2007 that it was possible to enroll 3000 guitar students in just 2 years I doubt that I would have believed them. I had been in the business of teaching music for many years and I knew the numbers and 3000 was just not realistic. I knew that most suburban music teachers were lucky to enroll 100 new students a year. The only music schools that I knew enrolling such numbers were the famous ones like Berkley in Boston or the Musician’s Institute in LA. But those music schools had been around for many years.

What made it even more remarkable was that the 3000+ enrollments were in the first 2 years of business and it was all done with only a few thousand dollars thanks to my credit card. I won’t say it was easy but it was certainly much easier than I expected. What we achieved with the help of my wife as far as I know was unique.


Guitar Teacher and Entrepreneur with more than 25 years experience

David Hart

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