Is debt holding you back? 

 February 17, 2014

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I just want to be out of debtIn my 20’s while operating my first guitar school I was frustrated because I was in debt so my goal was simply to get out of debt. It was at that time that I started reading Anthony Robbins and what stood out was how he said we move towards our most prominent thoughts whether they are negative or positive.
Focusing on debt kept me in debt
My aim was to be out of debt which ironically kept me focused on debt rather than prosperity. His teachings taught me to focus on what I wanted opposed to what I didn’t want. I didn’t want to be in debt. What I did want was enough money to travel so I decided on an amount of money I would need to travel for a year instead.
Focus on what you want in the positive
Once I shifted my thinking things began to change. 3 months later I sold my small teaching business (I was 26yo) for $40,000 (a lot of money at the time) and traveled the US, Mexico and Canada for a year. This has been my pattern ever since. I focus on what I want (usually to travel) and somehow it all works every time. Sure its not all smooth sailing but being clear about what I want keeps me moving forward.
Break the habit
Set your compass on where you are going rather than what you are trying to escape was the lesson and it was probably my first real lesson in business. Always think in the positive. Avoid saying “I want to be out of debt” or “I just don’t want to have to worry about money.” Its not easy especially if its your habit. You will need to constantly remind yourself so you break the habit.


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