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    Progressive exercises
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    Junior and Senior levels
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    Essentials skills covered
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    Picking & Chords
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    Song Skills
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No matter whether you are a guitarist looking to start teaching or a seasoned professional G4 GUITAR can help you to Earn More & Work Less by streamlining your teaching operation, increasing your student numbers and boosting your income.  We do this by focusing on 3 Key Areas For Guitar Teaching Success. They are as follows; 

1. FINDING More Students – Marketing

How we help you find more students. The answer is marketing. Knowing where and how to advertise your lessons without it costing you a fortune is critical. We show you how to STOP wasting money on ads that don’t work. At G4 GUITAR we have done the testing so we know what works. This will save you time and money allowing you to grow your student numbers FASTER!  

2. SIGNING More Students – Sales

When a student enquires about lessons what do you say? What questions do you ask? What makes you different to other guitar teachers in your area? Knowing what questions to ask, what to listen for, how to respond, how to present your offer and how to handle common objections are all critical when it comes to successfully signing up student enquiries. At G4 GUITAR we teach you everything you need to know about selling your lessons.

3. KEEPING More Students Long Term – Teaching

Once you find and sign up the students you need to have a plan. Many teachers struggle because they do not have a plan or method of some kind. Improvised lessons can work for a while but usually not for long. To keep a student long term and produce consistent results you need a well defined method. One you know works. At G4 GUITAR we have a complete system to help you achieve your goals.

$25 for First 30 Days

Then $250 per month

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