G4 GUITAR Teacher Franchise

G4 GUITAR Franchisee Member Benefits

  • G4 GUITAR METHOD license – The right to print and use the G4 GUITAR METHOD with your students saving you time and money.
  • G4 GUITAR Branding - You will have permission to use the G4 GUITAR name when advertising your business. Conditions apply.
  • Online Guitar Teacher Training - Comprehensive online guitar teacher training. You’ll find everything you need to be a successful guitar teacher.
  • Business Training - We share with you our time tested business plan, marketing plan and the general business advice to help you reach your income goals.
  • Support - You can ask questions anytime via email or in our ‘Member Only’ group on Facebook. We are here to support you in whatever way you need to ensure your success.
  • And More - There are many additional resources and benefits for members you'll discover on the inside.


Delivering high quality lessons to students week in and week out is not easy. The time required to prepare takes time and it's generally unpaid time. G4 GUITAR solves this problem by mostly eliminating the need for guitar teachers to prepare lessons. We have done this by providing a comprehensive easy to follow method. 

11 levels from beginner to intermediate, kids to adults

The G4 GUITAR METHOD comes in 3 age groups. The starting point depends on student age and ability. 

  • Young Beginner. Ages 3 to 6 years. 1 Level. 
  • Junior. Ages 7 to 12 years. 5 Levels.
  • Senior. Ages 13 years and over. 5 Levels.

Students are engaged and stays longer

We have designed the method to be engaging by using levels (similar to martial arts) such as checklists and well designed exercises that give students a sense of progress.  A typical G4 GUITAR student will be enrolled for around 5+ years depending on their age and ability.

We help find you students

  • Marketing: We help our members to find students. We do this through effective, tested and proven marketing strategies.
  • Sales Training: It doesn’t matter how good a guitar teacher you are if you lack sales skills. I would say poor sales skills are the main reason guitar teachers struggle but there is more to it. The fact is selling anything requires you to have a clear point of difference. At G4 that point of difference is the G4 GUITAR METHOD.
  • Retaining students: G4 will help you to retain students. Most teachers complain that they lose students too soon. They often believe the problem is the student but the truth is, the problem is usually their program and lack of training.
  • Getting Referrals: The fastest way to grow your guitar teaching business is through referrals. Believe or not there are strategies you can use to increase referrals. We will teach you how to increase your numbers and ultimately grow your students numbers quickly

It's both WHAT and WHO you know… 

Private music teaching is great but we are often isolated with no like minded guitar teachers to relate our daily challenges to. Our family and friends may very well support our aspirations but are generally not interested or qualified to help us. This is why surrounding yourself with those who KNOW and UNDERSTAND the challenges you face is so important. A big part of the G4 GUITAR Network is support. Not just from myself (David Hart) but from our whole network of G4 GUITAR teachers. Our members often post videos and pics of their studios which helps you to get ideas and stay inspired. We believe it’s very important to have a positive mindset and there is no better way then to surround yourself with positive likeminded people just like you.   

Grow Your Business Faster

“After 10 years, ONLY 16 percent of existing start-ups are still in business.” – Katie Fagan (FranNet)Business is hard. REALLY HARD! Most businesses WILL FAIL and even the ones that survive will barely make ends meet. I was personally troubledto see so many good guitar teachers STRUGGLING TO FIND STUDENTS so I created the G4 GUITARSCHOOLSFranchise to LEVERAGE my experience. I came to understand that the reason so many guitar teachers struggle was due to a feeling of being OVERWHELMED. There is simply too much to do and know for anyone guitar teacher trying to compete and succeed. My goal is to help guitar teachers reduce the workload and leverage to EARN MORE & WORK LESS.Developing an effective system for teaching guitar and running your business can take years, even decades. SAVE YOURSELF the hassle by plugging into G4 GUITAR so you can focus on the actual teaching and day to day running of your business. The G4 GUITAR approach is about offering an easy-to-follow complete method for teachers to ultimately SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY. We strongly believe that without a system or method of teaching with clear benchmarks students will lack a sense of progress which is a vital component of success. 

3 Pillars To Guitar Teaching Success

  • A Business Plan.The G4 GUITAR METHOD provides you with a proven business plan with specific goals and instructions for both you and your students to provide reliable and predictable results. 
  • Teacher & Business Training. G4 GUITAR offers teachers comprehensive training not just as teachers but as entrepreneurs. Our aim is to ensure all G4 GUITAR teachers are of the highest standard to ensure both teacher and student the best outcome.
  • Systems. In today’s competitive world operating without systems puts you at a huge disadvantage. When you have solid working systems in place your business will run smoothly allowing you to grow and earn $100,000 per year.

The POWER Of Structure

Henry Ford famously said “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”We need to listen to what students want to ensure we are understanding their goals but, we need to be careful about asking them for the best plan. A pilot solves the problem of getting passengers from A to B but, they should NOT be listening to the passengers when it comes to flying the plane.  Doctors asking what medicine you would like to take for your illness could also be potentially fatal. The best products and services in almost any category follow this advice. The best car makers do not take customer requests. Think Ferrari, Mercedes and even Toyota. The best chefs do not take advice from diners. Steve Jobs did not ask people what they wanted a smart phone to look like. Its true that many people want ‘made to order’ but the best companies rarely ‘make to order’.They instead, focus all their energy on designing a great product. The reason we value structure is because it solves the problem of learning/teaching guitar by making it easy for our teachers and students to be clear about what steps to take.  

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