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What You Get On The Mentor Program

  1. Access to the  G4 GUITAR METHOD11 books in total that can be printed and used for teaching.
  2. Teacher Training. Based on David Hart's 35 years of research and experience.
  3. Marketing Plan. PROVEN to help you find new students and GROW your business.
  4. Sales Training. This will ensure you turn 90% of enquiries into paying students.
  5. Support. Feel free to email for advice anytime.
  6. Full 30 day Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

The Story Behind G4 GUITAR

I (David Hart) started teaching guitar in 1984 as  a teenager and although I always enjoyed the teaching I had no idea there was so much to learn. I naively thought it was just a case of putting an ad in the local classifieds (back when newspapers were all the rage) and the students would be lining up. Getting the students was one thing but then keeping them was another. Most students would quit within a few months and for a number of years I believed that's just how it was. I was convinced that 99% of people who take up guitar quit within the first 6 months but I later realised I was wrong. Very wrong.

“I Read A Book That TOTALLY Change Most Of What I believed About Teaching & Business.”

A few years into my teaching I put up on book called "Customer Service: The Ultimate Weapon.' This book got me excited not necessarily because it was a ground breaking book but it was the start of a new reading habit that would stay with me to this day. I read a few more books but the one that totally blew my mind was 'Awaken The Giant Within' by Tony Robbins. It definitely woke me up. It made me aware of how limited my beliefs were. For example, instead of seeing guitar students who would quit as normal I now saw it as a huge opportunity. I knew if I could find a way to stop these students from quitting I would not only become fully booked but I would be helping those students to achieve their dream of playing guitar.  

“In Just 6 Months I Went From Losing 80% Of My Students Within 6 Months To Almost Zero Dropouts.”

It may seem somewhat remarkable but what I did was quite simple. Instead of just accepting and expecting students to quit lessons within a few months I started asking WHY? Why were they quitting? It turns out this one simple question led me to not just one single answer but a whole lot of small reasons. Anything from the practice being boring to it being too hard to not having enough time. I started writing down all these reasons but like a detective I kept asking questions. "Why was the practice boring? What exactly was too hard? Why don't you have enough time?" With every question I began to find solutions. Overtime I had developed prevention strategies for almost every possible scenario and miraculously my students began sticking around for one, two and in some cases 5 years or more. But wait, there is more!

“I Signed Up 3000 Students & Open 5 Guitar Schools In Just 2 Years”

In 2005 I started a brand new guitar school in an area I had never taught before and where nobody knew me. I had been teaching guitar for close to 20 years by this time and I had a plan. In the first 2 years I enrolled over 3,000 students, opened 5 guitar schools and hire 20 teachers. No guitar or music school to my knowledge has achieved such rapid growth in such a short amount of time. There are some famous schools that can certainly boast 3000 or more sign ups in 2 years but not in their first 2 years. It generally took them a decade or more to reach that level. What I did was brought together several powerful elements that when combined caused the business to literally explode. I began with a local intense marketing campaign using flyers that I had tested in my previous school so I knew the designed worked.

"I Discovered The Power of 80/20"

What I believe made the BIGGEST difference were the daily changes to my program and business (i.e. systems)  based on feedback from students. I had read a book called 'The 80/20 Principle' by Richard Koch and this book really opened up my mind to what was possible. The basic idea is 80% of results come from 20% of your efforts. I realised that everything could be improved. My teaching, my advertising, business systems, my time management and so on. It was this idea of constantly looking for the 20% everyday that made all the difference and still does to this day. 

"Then Came Probably The Most Remarkable Man Ever."

The term 'lean manufacturing' generally refers to Toyota. A system of manufacturing that is sometimes referred to as the 'Toyota Way' because they made it famous but, it actually pre-dates the Japanese car company. It really goes back to an American engineer named W. Edwards Deming. A true genius in my book. In summary by designing my teaching model while teaching students and making daily changes I was able to design a system of teaching guitar that WORKS consistently. I not only applied this to teaching but all aspects of my business. It was the culmination of these small daily changes that took me from zero to over 3000 enrolments.

"It Really Was That Simple"

I know it may seem like a very simple approach but that's why Japanese cars came to dominate the world. Toyota was actually initially a FAILURE in the US when they introduced their first  car ?. Their first car was so bad that Toyota eventually pulled out of the US car market altogether later returning when they had fixed the problems. It was the lean manufacturing approach that made the difference to their products. By applying the same idea to my guitar program and business I was able to design a program that perfectly suited the needs of beginner students and the proof was in the number of enrolments and later the adoption of the G4GUITAR METHOD by teachers around the world.

Here Are The Steps I Now Recommend To Guitar Teachers

Step 1. Marketing. We recommend two main forms of marketing. Offline and online. Offline is primarily a flyer. The design of the flyer is critical to success. We tested 100's of iterations and have come up with the perfect design. If you deliver this flyer to homes in your area you will get about 1 student per 1000 delivered. Online includes primarily Facebook Ads but Google Ads also work well. We again have the exact ad design that works best based on 100's of tests. The combination of offline and online ads ensure you reach the majority of your marketing. 

Step 2. Sales. Getting enquiries is one thing but persuading them to sign up requires the right pitch. Knowing what to say will make all the difference. We provide you with the sales training you need to turn 90% or more of enquiring students into long term paying students. 

Step 3. Teaching. Now even if you get the first 2 steps right without a winning teaching strategy your new students won't last long. As mentioned above the key to success in business is SYSTEMS and your teaching is no exception. We understand every student is different and has different goals but you need still need to have  a teaching system in place. Remember all beginners are more or less starting from the same place. All students need to learn the same basic skills such as picking, strumming, chords etc. Under our Mentor Program you will get access to the first book in our Junior series and the first book in our Senior series to ensure you have a system in place for your beginner students.

 Get MORE Students or Money Back

We absolutely guarantee that our program works and will give you back 100% of your money if it does not work for you for any reason. The G4GUITAR MENTOR Program was designed for guitar teachers looking to increase  their income using proven well tested strategies based on 30 years experience. I (David Hart) began teaching guitar professionally in 1984 (at age 17 years) to supplement my performance income. In the 90’s I began to develop a teaching and business system which became the foundation for the success of the International franchise G4GUITAR SCHOOLS. In 2005 I launched the first G4GUITAR SCHOOL opening 5 schools in 2 years in Sydney Australia. Today we have over 51 locations in Australia, United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. I created this Mentor program to help guitar teachers become successful not just as teachers but also entrepreneurs. I believe good teachers should also be paid well.

What you will learn

  • How to Find Guitar Students through proven effective marketing
  • How to Build a profitable guitar teaching business
  • How to set up a Google friendly website that ranks on page one
  • How to use social media like Facebook and Twitter to get students
  • How to to Attract students through local marketing
  • How to Effectively teach guitar students of all ages
  • How to Keep students long term
  • How to Avoid the common pitfalls and traps most guitar teachers face
  • How to build an Online guitar teaching business

What you will get

  • Teacher Training based on 35 years experience
  • Access to the  G4GUITAR METHOD 
  • Marketing Plan PROVEN to help you find new students
  • Sales Training to ensure you turn 90% of inquiries into paying students
  • Email Support when you need it.
  • Full 30 day Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

6 Ways G4 Guitar Teacher/Business Training Will Help You To Succeed

  1. The G4 GUITAR METHOD. Full access to the method so you can incorporate into your teaching. This alone is worth the price of admission because it will save you many hours of lesson planning and your students will love it!
  2. Superior Teacher Training: With a complete teacher training module along with audio and video you will have everything you need to deliver great lessons every time.
  3. Proven Business Plan: You will instantly have a business plan that has been tested and will set you on a path to success.
  4. Proven Marketing Plan: We will literally give you a bunch of marketing ideas that we know work based on tests plus we will be marketing our brand in your area. This all adds up to MORE STUDENTS. 
  5. Support: Getting support is critical I believe to success. You are a guitar teacher/coach. Your students come to you for support. Sure they could teach themselves but your experience and wisdom helps them to achieve their goals sooner. The same applies to you and your business. Support is priceless and will help you to avoid many classic mistakes. 


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*NO Contracts.  CANCEL Anytime.  30 DAY Money Back Guarantee!

What Are G4 GUITAR Students Are Saying?
“The skills are challenging but achievable, the combination of skills including reading music and music theory is varied and interesting and follows a logical pattern of improvement. We have about ten songs on the go, with each one building on the individual skills. I am looking forward to the next 12 months and feel confident that with David’s support I will one day be able to call myself a guitarist.” – John O’ Donnell. Leigh UK. 
G4 Guitar is great. The way G4 teach is totally different from that my country does. I gain a lot. And it’s  a nice experience  learning guitar ! Vivi Liang – Paddington NSW Sydney, Australia.
I think it’s a great way to learn I have picked it up and my Daughter loves it, I also want to say that Jeff is fantastic and I will be taking up the guitar in the New Year, – Regards, Ian Barlow – Perth, Western Australia.
“There is plenty of information available and the lessons are run well. I enjoy my lessons and am learning at my own pace.” – Jonathan Cullen – Leigh UK.
“I am super happy to comment on your guitar school . I think it’s quite amazing!  I was fortunate to chance upon five introductory guitar lessons at the G4 Guitar School.  I commenced with some hesitation and trepidation as, although I am a children’s performer/singer/storyteller, I am mainly self taught and the idea of formal lessons made me fraught with anxiety.  However, the clear instruction and methodology had me hooked.  Furthermore, the support with practice and Joakim’s willingness to answer any question with ease and clarity and his overall patience has been very encouraging.  I am inspired to continue!” – Fairy Poppilina – Poppy Stoker
My name is Carmen, I`ve been taking lessons for about two months and I am really enjoying it. I think the G4 method is very clear and easy to follow. I´ve done the 6 weeks introductory course with Joakim and he has been really patient as well as very flexible with my work schedules. I started my group lessons about two weeks ago and It has been fantastic so far. I enjoy practicing every day and I am excited to go to group lessons every week. Looking forward to keep learning. – Carmen Martinez – Paddington, Sydney Australia.
I would also like to thank you for your guitar teaching biz. I go to Paddington and find Ryan a fantastic teacher! I very much enjoy the group teaching format, the social aspect and learning to play with other musicians at an affordable rate. I look forward to be able to play more full songs though and haven’t tried this myself yet through other means and time. I realize you focus more on technique and wide range of skills but I would somehow enjoy more being able to play full song (strumming with changing chords etc even in simple manner) I’m sure I could take this up with teacher as well but thought I’d let you know as the opportunity came up. – Mark De – Paddington NSW Australia.
“Thank you for your email and asking how we are finding your system of G4 Guitar with Jeff in Butler (Perth, Australia). Can I say that I have four children and three of those have tried guitar lessons over the years, unfortunately not successfully, in which I believe is due to the teacher and the system in teaching the guitar. Jeff is very kind and gentle, he allows you time to absorb the information but also explains carefully and thoroughly.  In my situation my daughter Grace that attends Jeff is Autistic and she needs instructions broken down and made simple in which Jeff does, even I understand what he is teaching and Im 48 and my brain space is very full!!!  he does not push her to move beyond where she is at and he gives great encouragement for her to keep moving forward.  She is stoked he gave her two ticks from the check list and made such a fuss that boosted her up to continue after 5 weeks. When we are in Jeff music area we feel a sense of harmony and relaxation, we do not feel pressured or underachievers as he doesn’t compare her with others and say you need to be at a certain point, he is a great natural teacher. I would highly recommend Jeff and the system to anybody as I believe that this so far has been the only system that works. Thanks you so much for your time.”
Lisa Dwyer – Perth, Western Australia.
“I’m happy to provide positive feedback. I am enjoying my lessons with Jeff and look forward each week to the next lesson. The structure of the G4 Guitar Method suites me and together with Jeff’s approach makes the whole experience enjoyable.” – David Brierley – Perth, Western Australia.
“I love learning guitar with Jeff. I learnt more in my first lesson than I did in 4 with a more expensive company.  I’ll definitely be continuing with the G4 Method for a while. Thank you.” Kind Regards. – Kalah Martin – Perth, Western Australia.
I’m quite enjoying the G4 Guitar Method and lessons. I like and appreciate the way we are having to learn the skills and techniques of playing the guitar as a musical instrument, and not just playing tunes.  I believe this will make me a more accomplished and competent guitarist, one that other people will like to listen to.
– Phil Hodgson. Perth, Western Australia.
We are very happy G4 ! Fernando is a fantastic teacher and our Son is doing really well and very engaged! Kind regards, Jodie Nuske – Flagstaff Hill, Adelaide, South Australia.
“Here’s Cold Hard PROOF That The G4 Guitar Business Teacher and Training Work and Why It Can Do The Same For You”
“Last night I booked in my 70th student. That’s 18 students I’ve booked in the last 5 days!” – Shane Allessio. Brookline MA US. 
“Hi David Hart and everyone, the G4 Guitar Bowie MD recital went phenomenally well. As far as I’m concerned the G4 Guitar Method is the best method on the planet for beginners. A lot of the performers have only been playing for 3 to 6 months and the progress they’ve made is astounding and that was showcased really well at the recital. If you check out my G4 Facebook page you can see the performances. The combination of the structure of the method with the group lessons and not letting students get away with not practicing creates incredible results. The positive atmosphere during the whole thing was just astounding” 
Hi David, Ok, since I began in June (4 months ago) I’ve had 69 enquiries. Out of those, 18 did not book with me, 6 dropped out before subscribing and  4 dropped out after subscribing leaving 41 students just from G4 enquiries (not including my students from before G4). How does that sound? Jeff Cooke 
“Guitar Teachers Now Running Their Own Guitar Teaching Business Say What They Think Of G4”
Hi David,
Ok, since I began in June, (email is from Sept so just 4 months) I’ve had 69 enquiries. Out of those, 18 did not book with me, 6 dropped out before subscribing and  4 dropped out after subscribing leaving 41 students just from G4 enquiries (not including my students from before G4). I’ve now stopped teaching at my two primary schools. I could quite easily have had more enquiries, but I deliberately stopped flyering for the last month or so while I re-organised my teaching schedule. 
Jeff Cooke. Perth Australia.
Hi David,
Just wanted to give you a massive THANK YOU!!!!!! I had my first class yesterday and I felt really comfortable; if it wasn’t for you and the G4 network I wouldn’t had made this change in my life and it wouldn’t had been half as easy. I still have a lot to learn and I’m sure it’s not gonna be an easy walk but I’m really excited with the journey. You probably don’t know or you probably do but in a philosophical sense you are really making a difference in the world, I truly believe that, your mission is a very special one; you are touching many lives everyday and spreading the love for music, and that sends a million positive vibes every single day to a world that needs them badly. Thanks again and I’m really happy I found you and the G4 network!! Keep on strumming!! – Fernando LLort – Adelaide SA
“In regards to the course I think is excellent and so comprehensive….I’m amazed at quality of your content!” – Jeremy Glass UK
“David , I know I have said this many times before, so here goes anyway. You are a true gem, the real deal whatever we want to call it. You inspire, motivate, give people different points of view and you are always willing to share your insights and help with your great knowledge. We have never met in person but your honesty and integrity makes me call you a friend regardless!” Markus Bruun – Newcastle NSW Australia
“Thank you for adding me to the Facebook group and for the wealth of information you have provided on the website; worth at least ten times the cover price of what you are charging.” – Nigel Ball – London UK
“I really appreciate all the advice and encouragement you have given me over the past few months. This has been the best week so far and I made $900 this week which is amazing. People keep calling and book lessons and the challenge now is to stay focused to manage all the students that I have.”  Joakim Nikolaidis – Paddington NSW Australia.
“My god. My inbox and phone have exploded with inquiries. This is insane.” & “WHOOO JUST HIT 50 STUDENTS! And just hired a teacher! So stoked.” – Alex Eldridge Manly Australia.
“How wonderful in business to have a group like this to fall back on when things get tricky. In my past businesses it has been just me lol. G4 comes with a free mastermind group. Those can be hard to build on your own.” – Reuben – Gippsland Australia
“One more in the bucket! That sales script really works!!” – Shane Allessio – St Albans UK.
“I’ve been going through the G4 Method(s) and books. I’m liking this more all the time. My students seem to be quite responsive, receptive and yes, even excited (as am I!)” Russell Nollen – Ames, Iowa United States.
“Dave I am the type of guy that likes to give credit where credit is due. I must say that I am impressed by your teaching method. I tryed some of your teaching techniques on my class, and the class ran smoothly. I had total control over every student.Thank you again for your wealth of knowledge.” – Michael Lee – Stockton CA United States
“Hi David, I have 10 inquiries already  (in the first month) Thanks again” Jay Vallejo – Tipton UK. Thanks for checking on me Dave. – Jay Vallejo – Tipton UK.
“I love the G4 programme David because I believe it is the missing link to my business, I’m learning so much about the running of business through your programme. I’m looking forward to a big year next year.” – Andrew Mutze Sunshine Coast QLD Australia
“I just nailed my past 2 phone sales call with prospective students. Thank you Dave for teaching me how to talk to potential students on the phone, you are the man!” – Adam Wines – Bowie MD USA
“I’d just like to say that the whole way you’ve set G4 up is really inspiring. I was walking around delivering flyers this morning and listening to some of the audio and the whole conversation gets me fired up. People are really helpful on the members site too! Thanks again.”  Jeff Cooke – Perth Western Australia.
“Heya David, Man this has been a roller coaster ride!!! 😀  I feel absolutely inspired in more than one way.  What I really want to say to you as G4Guitar Method Founder is that this / you  have inspired and encouraged me as a teacher/ student and entrepreneur. I knew I was getting sick of live performances, tired of being a cover band. I love encouraging people usually and the G4 Method has given me not only tools to do that musically, but also raised my expectation for my own kids.  Now instead of sending them for drum and vocal lessons with little info coming back like written teachings, or audio files in the past, I now have an expectation for their teachers to be more professional in their delivery of their teachings and products! G4GUITAR METHOD all the way Baby! 😀 Thanks so much for changing my musical world.” Cynthia Denton – Kyogle NSW Australia 
“I am pretty sure I have signed up every enquiry since the hangout.”  –  Stuart Curran – Melbourne Australia
“Its come to my attention recently that the process of selling G4 Guitar lessons has made me much better at persuasion in general. Once you see the formula of peoples objections to something, its almost like a game. Just had a woman on the phone who had had a poor experience with group classes. I figured out her objection (group was teaching too complex material) and assuaged her fears by telling her that we would tailor it to her skill level. However, this could really be applied to anything. The other thing is it teaches you to hang in there despite your and other people’s discomfort which is a valuable life skill in itself.” – Alex Eldridge Manly Australia.
“From first hand experience with 2 other programs, the G4 program really is about the student and teacher. And focusing on giving a great lesson for the students. In those other programs I felt it was more about how much money can they make off of the teacher who signs up. What a difference!” – Bob Minchin Chicago USA 
“Hi David, I’m very impressed with the system that you have developed and also with the in-depth answers you provide to your instructors, it shows me that you really care about helping the people you work with and that you have a tremendous amount of knowledge to share.   Thanks” Steve Zandonatti.
“David, I would like for you to know that I spoke with some of your clients here in the U.S. the day I purchased your program. They all went on and on about how much they love it and also how helpful and accessible you are. They are certainly correct. Thank you for your interest in my progress and the great support.”  – Mike Clayton – Bolivar MO United States

“Hi David, I have so much out of this already.I hope to continue with G4 and open my own guitar school in the near future. I’m taking the ALCM diploma in guitar in the summer and hope to go full time in autumn. I ran Yamaha guitar schools in the past but their marketing isn’t up to this level as far as I can see. UK is flooded with guitar teachers and various examination boards methods. None of these tell you how to market yourself. Take your money and run so to speak. I was cynical, but you may turn a good guitar playing dreamer into a businessman. Thanks” –  Simon Barkley – Darlington UK

“Feeling fantastic today after first 2 students yesterday – adult brother and sister – both shift workers – really enjoyed their first lesson. Then today I had a third one I had tried to avoid – a 77yr old gentlman who wanted a one off lesson before going overseas for 3 weeks. I WAS surprized when he turned up on a Harley with his guitar strapped to his back – cool daddy cool!! He had been learning for about 8 months but seems like the teacher had missed all the basics, and was trying to teach him to play about 10 different songs. Trouble was he was not able to actually sound all the notes of a single chord – only the open strings. He seems keen to come back. I’ve shown him correct position to avoid pain in wrists, and shown him how to isolate, and if he wants to work on a song – just do one at a time and get the chords sounding first. I was terrified to start, but feel much better now and keen to get more flyers out.” – Judy Spencer (Brisbane QLD Australia)
Personally I’ve achieved goals that were only dreams back in 2013 – got engaged, opened up teaching premises and (big reveal…) left my teaching job of 10 years to be self-employed in the true sense of the word. Granted, I’m working my notice til 1st April but finally I can begin to focus entirely on building business for G4 Guitar Stockport. Thanks for all your support, advice and encouragement, here’s to 2015 and 100 students. –  Ben Messenger. Stockport UK.


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