Police check & child safety 

 August 8, 2014

By  admin

Although under our disclaimer we take no responsibility for your actions and you are solely responsible for your actions we require all G4 Guitar Teachers to meet local police check requirements for teaching children to ensure our reputation. Depending on where in the world you are you will need to check with either your local police or local government. If you need help please ask.

I also recommend asking parents of children under about 14 years to be present at the lessons as this ensures you are not put in a vulnerable situation. Group teaching also helps in this respect as does having an open door policy. In other words don’t put yourself in a room with a child behind a closed door. Have a waiting area if possible with the door open so students waiting can see into the room. This removes the chances of problems.

If you have any concerns at all please let me know.


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David Hart

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