How to cut your marketing costs in half through partnering with G4 Guitar 

 February 28, 2014

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If you are a local business in one of the areas we operate please the video as we are looking for marketing partners in those areas.

How does it work?
  • We deliver flyers to local homes because we know it works.
  • For 1000 flyers we get 1 new student (customer).
  • The cost for printing and delivery varies but we get a 2000% ROI. Every $1 spent means $20 in profit.
  • When we have a partner it cuts costs in half.
  • We end with a 4000% ROI and so can you.

Lets say you spend $700 for 10,000 flyers for a local restaurant. Now say the restaurant gets 10 new customers. If the restaurant delivers good food and service they might receive an average of $500 per household over say a 2 year period. This would result in a $5000 ROI. In other words a 700% return. 
Half the cost (Double the return)

Now if you were to partner with G4 you immediately halve the cost so it would now cost you $350 per 10,000 flyers printed and delivered which would bring you a 1400% ROI. $350 for the restaurant would become $5000.
Additional advantages
When you pay a delivery company they will usually bundle your flyer so its unlikely to be seen.  We want our flyer to be seen as much as you do. We have a vested interested in the flyer so you know it will be delivered and not end up in some garbage bin. We also want you to continue the partnership so its important that you get a good result.

Everyone is marketing online these days and its very crowded while at the same time mailbox flyers have slowly been diminishing and no one is noticing. This means less competition for you. Flyers are what I call stealth marketing and we have had great success for many years.

A flyer reaches people who may not be searching online. In other words many potential customers are not searching for your product. In the case of the restaurant lets say its Indian food.  A person may not even be thinking about Indian food but if they get a flyer they suddenly begin to think it could be a good option especially if you offer a lunch time special.   
The power of partnering       
We have done the testing over a 30 year period and we know it works. If you are interested in partnering please visit our website or send me an email;
Please note that there may be other ways we can explore marketing opportunities together as well. 
Thank you.
David Hart


Guitar Teacher and Entrepreneur with more than 25 years experience

David Hart

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