Guitar Teacher  10 Week Course $49


No matter whether you are just starting to teach guitar or a seasoned professional our program will help you to Earn More & Work Less.  Our 10 Week Course will teach you the important aspects of teaching guitar and business. 

The Value of A Student

What if I told you that a single student could be worth between $2000 and $10,000? Seems crazy right? Well I will show you how. Firstly let’s say you charge just $25 per lesson (most teachers charge more). If the student attends for 40 weeks a year (allowing for all school holidays) and stays for 2 years you would receive $2000. Now if that student was to stay for 5 years we are talking $5000. If that same student were to refer just 3 friends over the 2 years you would now be over $10,000 in income from a single enquiry. This doesn't even take into account referrals from the referrals. This demonstrates how important the FIND, SIGN & KEEP formula is. When you realise every student enquiry is worth $2000 to $10,000+ you begin to see things differently. Of course this is not just about making money. The money is just proof that you are delivering value to your students. If students aren’t sticking around for 2 years or more something is wrong with your teaching. Our teacher training is about ensuring you not only FIND & SIGN up new students but you also deliver on your promise. Delivering also means more referrals.

The Value of  Guitar Teacher Training

The value of our training is difficult to quantify but let me put it like this. If as a result of our training you get just one student it will be more than worth the small price you paid. As you know one student alone can be worth $1000's and our training is based on over 30 years experience. What we teach is not just something we think works. We know it works and we know that when you apply the strategies we recommend you will be able to earn over $100,000 per year within 12 months. We have helped 100's of successful guitar teachers around the world achieve this very goal. This 30 Day training will give you everything you need. Sure we have on going training options but in this 30 days we do not hold back. If  you are serious about increasing your teaching income this will be possibly the best investment you'll ever make.

FIND More Students – Marketing

Knowing where and how to advertise your lessons without it costing you a fortune is critical. We show you how to STOP wasting money on ads that don’t work. We have done the testing so we know what works best. This will save you time and money allowing you to grow your student numbers FASTER!   

SIGN More Students – Sales

When a student enquires about lessons what do you say? What's the secret to getting 90% or more to sign up on the spot? Knowing how to respond, how to present your offer and how to handle common objections are all critical when it comes to successfully signing up student enquiries. We will show you everything you need to know about selling your lessons.

KEEP More Students Longer – Teaching

Once you find and sign up the students you need a long term plan. Many teachers struggle because they do not have a long term lesson plan. Improvised lessons can work short term but over the long term they tend to fail. To keep a student long term and produce consistent results you need a well defined system with clear goals. We share the secrets to keeping students long term.

What You'll Get

  • 10 Week Video Course – This means each week we will email you a new 60 minute training video.
  • Marketing Strategies (FIND) - You'll discover the exact strategies we use to find new students both online and offline.
  • Sales Training (SIGN) - You'll learn what to say to ensure over 90% of enquiries sign up for your lessons.
  • Teacher Training (KEEP) - You’ll learn how to ensure your students stay long term and most importantly get results.
  • Business Training - You'll learn our time tested business plan, marketing plan and the general business plan to help you reach your income goals.
  • Support for 90 days - You can ask questions anytime via email for 90 days. We are here to support you in whatever way you need to ensure your success.
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee - If you are not satisfied in any way within 90 days simply request a refund and we will refund 100% of your payment.
  • Bonuses - There are many additional resources and bonuses for you to discover on the inside.

Guitar Teacher  10 Week Course $49


This is a limited SPECIAL OFFER. Our guitar teacher training for only $49 (Normally $250). If you have any questions please email  [email protected]