Guitar Teaching Made Easy

Based On 30 Years Of Experience

The G4 GUITAR METHOD is based on 30 years of experience and development. Its also the result of a collaborative effort from over 100 guitar teachers from around the world and feedback from 1000's of guitar students. Using the G4 GUITAR METHOD will save you valuable time and give you the professional edge that will set your teaching apart from your competition.

Benefits Of The G4 Guitar Method

As a guitar teacher its important to have a method or system by which you teach to ensure consistent results for your students. A method (system) of teaching guitar will help you to teach more effectively, save time and help your students to achieve more. The G4 GUITAR METHOD keep everyone on the same page and students and their parents feel there is a clear path to their success. Other advantages to using the G4 GUITAR METHOD are as follows;

  • Tracking student progress is a breeze
  • Improved student retention and faster progress
  • Ready made tested lesson plans
  • Structured learning that will set you apart from 99% of guitar teachers
  • More referrals due to having a recognised method
  • Save time and money on marketing and resources
  • IEasier to group students and earn more

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