Top 10 Ways to Keep Students for Years 

 November 10, 2012

By  admin

1. Involve their parents, family & friends—No matter whether they are a child or and adult the more you can get their influential network of friends involved the better.

2. Use the Practice Log—When you encourage students to use the PL they are able to see their personal investment. This leads to a stronger commitment.

3. Connect with your students- Find out their passion. Ask them questions that will open them up to reveal who they are. When people reveal their personal side they see you as not just a professional service but as a caring friend and mentor.

4. Give them STRUCTURE – This word is magic. When students and especially parents enquire about lessons as soon as I mention the word ‘STRUCTURE’ they are sold. Make it part of each lesson so they understand lessons bring structure to learning.

5. Set goals – By setting clear goals with students they feel you also have a stake in their outcome. You are a partner if you will. Explain that their success is also your success as a teacher. “together we are going to reach that goal.”

6. Educate them on the value of their lessons- Point out the difference lessons make. E.g. “Lessons keep you consistent and focused”. Highlight break throughs in their playing and keep them aware of the small things like their practice log.

7. Measure and quantify their progress – If you don’t some how measure their progress they have no way of knowing how far they have come. You can do this by using the G4 Practice Log. The G4 Levels and Steps with the G4 checklists are a very powerful tool for measuring student progress.

8. Be creative- Be consistent as a rule but learn to make each lesson interesting by coming up with new ways to teach the same topic. Also give them something to look forward to the following week.

9. Be their cheering squad – Encourage and cheer them on towards musical success. Show your excitement about their progress and with children point out their progress to their parents. Show them you believe in them.

10. Don’t let them off easy – If a student says they are going to stop or take a break don’t just accept it. This is simply a test to see if YOU are committed as a teacher.



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