The Value Of G4 GUITAR Teacher Membership

I was once told by one of my wise mentors that its the responsibility of the business owner to communicate the value of what they offer. I therefore created this page to share with my customers (G4 Guitar teachers) the value of your membership.

  • The G4 GUITAR METHOD – The method in its current form will saves you an enormous amount of time and ultimately money. The development in time required to create the G4 GUITAR METHOD is literally close to 1000 hours. Its not simply the creation but the research required to know what works and what does not. Very few guitar teachers have or use a method mostly because its a massive undertaking that very few take on.
  • Teacher training website – Some of our members say that the teacher training alone is worth it let alone everything else. Not only is the teacher training comprehensive but its constantly being improved. We want our teachers to be the best and this can only be done through constant and never ending improvement.
  • Brand awareness – At G4 we run a continuous campaign to promote our brand through various channels. The time involved is not easy to measure but the combination of regular posts on social media including pages and groups along with emails to our list of subscribers adds up.
  • Marketing artwork. We have created a comprehensive PDF that will save you time and money on professional design work. We have a standard set that gets results but we are also open to new ideas.
  • Ad placement instructions. We have step by step instructions for doing your own ads on Facebook and Adwords based on tests.
  • Blogs. Blogs these days are considered an important part of any business. We already have over 300 blog posts published which in itself is 100’s hours of work and worth thousands of dollars. Blogs help to give G4 credibility and keep students motivated about guitar and G4 generally. We add a new blog post every month which you could say is at least an hour of work you don’t have to do each month to promote yourself.
  • Email list management – When someone subscribes to our email list there is a long series of emails that go out to them over a year. Developing, maintaining and improving this list takes considerable time. Its just one more job you don’t need to worry about.
  • Member websites –  We host and manage member websites plus we include some paid plugins such as Thrive Themes and Wishlist. There are obviously costs involved with domain registration and hosting but of course the maintenance is an ongoing job. The cost of paying someone to host and manage your website with the extras we include alone would cost you a minimum of $100 per month.
  • Investing in testing – I am constantly testing ideas such as Facebook ads most recently. I work to find what works best and then share that information with you. I even have a Facebook and Adwords rep who I meet with regularly along with several other experts. This is a cost which you don’t need to bear. The cost of having someone in this role would be $200 per month.
  • Full time developer – Hardly a day goes by when I am not working on developing some aspect of G4 that ultimately benefits all members. Think of me as a full time employee for your business at a fraction of the cost. This could be working on the method itself, the teacher training, business training, the various websites, SEO etc. Emma, Saizza and myself have collectively invested approximately 30,000 hours into developing G4 Guitar. The cost to you is less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day which is extremely good value in and of itself.
  • G4 GUITAR Student Management App – The app  is the result of close to 1000 hours of development. The app is full of time saving features for your business.  To pay an app developer to build something similar would cost you $10,000 to $50,000 plus, $1000+ per month for updates. Very few businesses have an app developed just for their needs where the developer is on hand to make updates on such a regular basis based on feedback from users. The app alone makes G4 membership a great investment.
  • The Network Effect – In this case being part of a network of guitar teachers from around the world increases the value to each member in multiple ways. For example when another members gets a 5 star review on Google it increases the profile of G4. When another G4 teacher makes a YouTube video it again adds to the awareness of our brand.
  • Support – The support offered to members both in the form of direct email and the Facebook group is fast, detailed and based on 30+ years of experience. I personally check client emails and Facebook posts multiple times a day.


“They say 95% of first businesses fail yet, 90% of 2nd businesses succeed.”

Why is that? Think about guitar. Most people on their first attempt to learn guitar quit. Those who come back a second time generally succeed. This is because the first time they lacked experience of what it means to learn guitar. Most people actually try and self-teach despite the fact that learning with a teacher dramatically increases their chances of success. Same applies to business. Building a successful teaching business is not easy especially when you have no training or experience. It pays huge dividends to seek help especially in business yet its the one area most people try to go it alone. Most guitar teachers avoid paying for business coaching or any kind of support believing they can’t afford it but here is the irony. Their financial struggles that keep them poor are almost always connected to their lack of business training or seeking help.

Invest in Yourself

For less than the cost of a tank of fuel in your car each week you can get access all of the value you above and more. The bottom line is this G4 GUITAR teacher membership is an investment not an expense. The return on your investment will usually be realised in the first month. This means the cost of membership will pay for itself and then some almost immediately. The goal for all our teachers is to be earning $100,000 per year or more or in some cases depending on your personal goals. G4 is all about giving you the tools you need to be a successful guitar teacher/entrepreneur. If you are interested in learning more about our options please visit

Teacher Membership Enquiries

If you would like to ask questions or learn more please feel free to email me (David Hart) directly at [email protected].