Why do most guitar teachers struggle to earn a living wage?

Why do most guitar teachers struggle to earn a living wage?

The biggest enemy of almost every guitar teacher I speak to is TIME or should I say, lack of it. Everything from the teaching, marketing, student calls and paying bills takes up your precious limited time. In business to GROW we need to leverage time and that means getting HELP. A call for help is a sign of future SUCCESS in business. Those who seek the help of others usually REACH their GOALS SOONER. Most guitar teachers try to do EVERYTHING solo and as a result, experience either slow or no growth. So what's the solution?  

The business of teaching guitar

The problem has little to do with teaching and every thing to do with business. FACT! Your TYPICAL guitar teacher tries to go it alone and the result is they rarely if ever earn more than a basic income. They will struggle for years barely scraping by only to quit in the end. BUT here is the thing. You don't have to be a typical guitar teacher . "Are you REALLY okay earning a basic income or do you aspire to be earning more?" If you are honestly comfortable there is no need to continue reading but if you are OPEN to the idea of earning $100,000 per year read on!

How does G4 GUITAR help teachers to earn $100k?

Our mission is very simple. We want all our members to be earning an income of $100,000 per year. We achieve this by providing you with a complete business plan and the necessary tools to succeed. You might be comfortable earning less than $100k and that’s okay too but whatever your situation you don't need to be struggling to pay your bills. Just follow the plan.

Your BIGGEST hurdle to $100k

Your biggest hurdle to earning $100k per year teaching guitar is having a plan that you know actually works. Even with years of teaching experience if you are not earning what you'd hoped chances are your current business plan is not cutting it. When you join G4 you'll get access to our proven business plan. Our aim is to guide you through the process so you no longer have to be struggling financially. One example is we include a complete system for teaching guitar called the G4 GUITAR METHOD that will save you time and money and many years of trial and error. It makes your teaching EASY and SAVES you TIME! 

G4 GUITAR will probably be the BEST investment you ever make

Business plans can be worth millions. The reason people invest in franchises is because they are based on a proven formula. With G4 there are NO UPFRONT FEES. Our members simply pay an affordable monthly subscription fee which entitles them to use and print all our teaching materials, full access to our teacher & business training website, permission to advertise as a G4 GUITAR teacher, a listing on our main website and entry to our online support group. The investment you make is a small fraction of what you'll earn and we DON'T take any commission. All you pay is a set monthly fee.

How does G4 GUITAR work for students?

Initially students sign up for what we call a '5 week intro'. This consists of 5 weeks of private lessons (30 mins per week) to introduce them to guitar and the G4GM and assess the student's level of ability. At the end of the intro we recommend you place them in a small group based on their age and ability. This gives you the ability to earn more per hour without having to set high student fees. If you prefer to teach one on one that's okay as well but you will limit your earning potential.

Ready for the next step?

We generally recommend you begin with our GUITAR Teaching & Business Training SPECIAL OFFER. This will give you 30 days access to our teacher & business training that will be valuable training you can use whether you decide to join G4 or not. It will also allow you to become more familiar with the G4 GUITAR METHOD. Click the button below to check it out.

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