Why and How G4 Marketing Works 

 April 6, 2014

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There are several reasons why G4 Guitar Marketing works for guitar teachers but let me explain briefly why and how it works.

Google Adwords

In the case of Google Adwords we place ads that we have tested over many years that consistently perform on your behalf. We do make changes to ensure we get the best result and this generally requires a combination of tweaks and staying on top of changes to the ad platform. ¬†Adwords works well because it uses a re-marketing strategy.¬†The term ‘re-marketing’ has become the latest buzzword in marketing. Its basically where your marketing appears in front of people who have previously clicked on your ads. Google claims that re-marketing has increased conversion rates by over 300% and while I have no way of knowing whether the stat is true is does make logical sense in terms of marketing.

The G4 Guitar Effect

At G4 we take this one step further. We offer a free copy of the G4 Guitar Method to our visitors who subscribe. This then sets them up for a series of automatic emails that will keep them in the loop and increases the chances that they will enrol as a guitar student with a G4 Guitar School. It also educates them on the G4 Guitar Method so when they do enrol they will already understand how we work and this in turn increases the likelihood that they will become a long term student of G4.

$100 Per New Student

The ads initially return about one new student per $100 spent which is actually a good return because the cost of your marketing is almost immediately covered by the student’s intro payment. Response can vary depending on the time of year and the first month or two can be slow to take effect because the re-marketing takes time to work. The longer your ads are running the better because its the consistent message appearing in front of your potential audience that works best. Remember timing is everything and if you are not there when they are ready to enrol you will miss the sale.

G4 Done-For-You Marketing Packages.

If you would like to go ahead and begin a Done-For-You Marketing campaign please visit the following link; G4 Done-For-You Marketing Packages.

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at [email protected]


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