Why G4 is better than university for guitar teachers 

 April 5, 2014

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Let me premise this by saying I am a big fan of university and much of the information I gather comes from university research. Universities are where some of our best minds come together to not only learn but to contribute. I am no way suggesting that G4 is better than a university education if you want to do anything other than teach guitar but if your goal is to teach guitar G4 is by far your best choice. I don’t say this lightly. I have spent 3 decades in this business and I have also spent many years reading university research specifically on the topic that revolve around teaching and business. In other words I have been stealing their knowledge and putting it to the test in the real world and I can confidently say they have done a great job. Their research is sound and really does work.

So here is why G4 is better for you if you want to be a guitar teacher.

4+ degrees in one. G4 Guitar is much like 4 year university but in several subjects such as business, psychology, behavioural science, education and perhaps a few other courses I have left overlooked. What makes G4 better is that you learn only what is specific to our industry. We are the guitar teaching specialist if you like. Everything you learn will benefit you as a guitar teacher and entrepreneur and you don’t need to spend time on irrelevant unrelated topics.

The extras degrees you don’t get at university. University does not teach some of the most important skills needed for success in our business such a sales, success mindset, motivation, life skills, working with young children, dealing with parents, negotiating etc. You can have all the business degrees in the world but without these essential skills you will find it very difficult.

University will leave you in debt often for years. G4 on the other hand will pay for itself immediately. If you follow the steps as prescribed you will be earning back every dollar you spend with G4 and more. Fast forward 4 years and the difference will be massive. In 4 years if you follow the G4 plan you will be earning well over $100,000 per year and possibly much more. After all I went from zero to a million dollars in 2 years using the exact same plan I am prescribing to you.

University does not give you real experience. Its a bit like learning to play guitar in theory for 4 years before you play a single note. G4 gives you immediate feedback on the concepts you learn which means rapid learning and results. There is simply no better way to learn.

By all means go to university but if your aim is to build a guitar teaching business at the very least I recommend joining G4 as an add on to your university but if you have to choose between university and G4, G4 will be a far better investment. In a year or two when your business is established you can go to university and have it paid for from the profits of your guitar teaching business.




Guitar Teacher and Entrepreneur with more than 25 years experience

David Hart

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