The G4 Guitar terms and conditions are designed with the best interests of both parties.

Warning: Please read the following information before joining our program to ensure you are comfortable and understand our terms.

Contact: If you have any question please feel free to email David Hart directly at [email protected]

David Hart Bio: David started teaching guitar in the early 1980’s and has owned and operated guitar and music schools since 1988. He has studied music (drums, guitar & voice) since his early teens. David decided to researched both music teaching and business from about 1990 but he also comes from a family with a long history in business. After several music schools in Sydney Australia David established the first G4 Guitar School in 2005. He began with one school but went on to opened a chain of 5 guitar schools. In 2010 he then decided to start a national guitar network and later an international network. David has been a full time music school entrepreneur for over 30 years. He made a point of continuously learning all aspects of music education and business by regularly attending training seminars, seeking out coaches, investing in online training and reading regularly. David believes anyone can succeed in business as a guitar teacher as long as you have a natural curiosity and a hunger for knowledge. He believes the business of teaching guitar is not difficult if you have the right knowledge, systems and support. David now focuses on helping guitar teacher/entrepreneurs succeed by sharing his knowledge, the systems he has developed and giving teachers the support they need.

References: Please feel free to contact our franchisees. To see a list of current franchisees please visit our website at

Teaching. All G4 Guitar teachers have access to the G4 Guitar Method materials and teacher training. We do understand that teachers will have their own style but we encourage teachers to follow our general recommendations.

Cancellation of agreement. There are no contracts of any kind. Teachers can cancel their membership at anytime without notice but note, G4 Guitar also reserves the right to cancel the agreement at anytime without notice.

Payment. All payments are made via a subscription. If your payment fails you will be sent an email. If payment is not made within 7 days our agreement will be automatically cancelled with no further notice.

Teacher refunds. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. This means you can cancel at anytime and claim back the last payment if you are not happy.

No guarantees. While we offer advice based on experience we make no guarantees as to teacher incomes, profits, student enquiries, student success or performance of any kind. Teachers should view their subscription strictly as a license to use G4 Guitar resources and access our online teacher training which should be treated as a guide.

Location variations. Note that every area is unique. This means what works in one area may not work in another area. All advice given on any G4 Guitar website, video or via direct communication should be treated as an opinion only and each teacher accepts responsibility for their choices.  

Your area. Your post code/ zip code is reserved exclusively for one member. This means we will not accept any other teacher under that post code/zip code while you are a paying member.

Materials. You have the right to download, print and use any of the G4 Guitar Method materials while a member of G4 Guitar.

Naming rights. You have the right to use the name ‘G4 Guitar School’ but you must add your suburb. E.g. G4 Guitar School Manly. This can be included on any signage or marketing material you produce but must be approved. If any advertising or signage placed by a G4 teacher incurs a fine from authorities of any kind the teacher is 100% responsible and therefore liable for the full amount.  If in doubt about any marketing or signage please check with our support.

Students. Your students are wholly and solely your responsibility. We are here to offer advice but do not communicate directly with your students unless they contact us. Even in the event that your student contacts us directly in most cases they will be referred back to you.

Student complaints. If we receive a serious complaint from one of your students we will refer to you before replying to the student. Our aim is to be fair and reasonable while protecting our reputation. In most cases its best to do whatever it takes to satisfy the student but this does not mean compromising the G4 Guitar program or your teaching. It may simply mean giving the student a refund if you are unable to satisfy the students requirements. If we receive several complaints we may need to put your membership on hold. Please understand that we need to take action in such cases to protect the reputation of G4 Guitar.

Working with children. We require all teachers including members and their employees to have a copy of any local legal requirement to work with children. Check with your local government or police.  

Full disclosure. We also do not accept any teacher who is bound by a court of law to refrain from working with children.

Refund policy. We ask all teachers to offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all services. We believe this is good policy and will build trust in your local community and in our brand as a whole.

Facebook comments. Any comments made by you in any G4 Guitar Facebook group  automatically becomes the property of G4 Guitar and we may reprint in a book, website or any other form. Our intention is to use such material as promotional tools to attract more teachers and students to G4 Guitar. We do not intend to reprint anything negative but please show caution when making any kind of comment in a Facebook group.

Google Hangout, Skype or any online recordings. Any comments made by you in any of our video recordings whether online or offline  automatically becomes the property of G4 Guitar. We may also publish on the Internet, reprint spoken words into text on a website or in published material. We do not intend to reprint anything negative and will remove or delete any material on request if possible. If you do not wish to be recorded please notify in advance.

Final words. We want our members to succeed but ultimately your success will come down to you. Just like your students only a certain percentage will succeed despite your best efforts. The road to success in teaching and business is not easy and not everyone is suited to the challenges of business. Regardless of your outcomes we suggest you treat your membership as an education in teaching and business. As they say, the only guarantees in life are death and taxes.

Questions. If you have any questions regarding our policies please email David Hart.